A small taste of the island!

History of El Caribeño:

El Caribeño strives to bring you the island experience while proudly serving authentic Puerto Rican food that will take you back home.

El Caribeño LLC was founded in 2018 by Rachel Arroyo in Spring, TX. The company was first known as a “Chinchorro” with limited space inside of a gas station and only a few tables to sit.


After a year of building special relationships with the clientele and the Puerto Rican Community, Rachel decided to sell the business to her nephew, Matthew Talavera and keep the business in the family.


The current owners, Matthew and Rose Talavera, a mother and son partnership, are proud to be family owned and operated since September 2019. When Matthew and Rose obtained the business, they always had a vision for the Puerto Rican Cuisine. In the midst of their hard work, they decided to take a shift, turning El Caribeño into an Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine restaurant, changing the menu, presentation and style of dining.


El Caribeño has received amazing support and feedback not only from the Puerto Rican community but from also across the greater Houston area. El Caribeño is proud to welcome customers to their newly opened restaurant in Cypress, TX.


El Caribeño’s current location includes a full service bar, dining area, togo and delivery Services. The restaurant offers freshly made food, hand crafted cocktails, and an atmosphere filled with Puerto Rican culture you can only find on the island.